Podcast Episodes

Be an extension of Christ's Love

SMW 010: Love

One of my favorite talks from the April 2020 general conference was by Sister Joy Jones. She shared about the roles of covenant-keeping women in

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purpose as a latter-day saint woman

SMW 009: Purpose

Can you be guided to know what your purpose is and what your personal journey on the covenant path should look like? Absolutely. Listen to

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Repentance is a gift to use each day

SMW 008: Repentance

When I first started planning episodes for this season, I knew there had to be one on repentance because sin is something every one of

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Comparison on the Covenant Path

SMW 007: Comparison

Comparison probably comes so naturally to you in your journey on the covenant path, that it almost feels instinctive, but it doesn’t have to be

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