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There are no checklists when it comes to prayer.  God is a personal God.

He wants to be close to you and you can come to Him in prayer in a way the feels right for YOU.

I created this FREE email course–5 Ways to Reimagine Prayer–as a way to spark new ideas about how to approach God in prayer.

Here’s how the course works:

After you sign-up, you’ll get one email a day for the next 5 days. Each email will share one way you can reimagine prayer.

You’ll hear from a variety of women, each with their own unique approaches to prayer:

  • Darla Trendler, a podcaster, (that’s me!) shares about using a prayer journal.

  • Brooke Snow, a meditation teacher, shares about using visualization to pray.

  • Heather Erickson, an author and worship leader, shares about using words from the Bible to pray.

  • Cami Dewitt, a faith-based life coach, shares about talking to God like He’s a friend.

  • Shelley Swapp, an integrative herbalist, shares how the simple practice of making herbal tea can help you commune with God.