with checkpoints instead of checklists

SMW 001: Embracing YOUR Journey on the Covenant Path with CHECKPOINTS instead of CHECKLISTS


Welcome to Spiritually Minded Women. There’s more than one way to be a Latter-day Saint woman who knows Jesus, makes and keeps covenants, and endures to the end. Join me on the podcast to learn how YOU can embrace YOUR journey on the covenant path with CHECKPOINTS instead of CHECKLISTS. 



In episode 1, you’ll get a refresher on what the covenant path is and how Jesus is the way. You’ll also hear an overview of what we’ll be talking about for the next 10 seasons.



I want you to do more than just listen. I want the things you are hearing to turn into things you are doing in your life. That’s why I am now offering a podcast season workbook. In the downloadable workbook you’ll get a scripture story to READ, questions to PONDER along with space to journal and then something simple to help you ACT on what you are hearing on the podcast. The workbook is available for purchase anytime.



Through October 13th, you can also join the exclusive Spiritually Minded Women community via Marco Polo Channels. You can purchase access to the Community for the entire 10-week series of the podcast. In the Community you’ll get interaction with me as I will be in there sharing more insights. You’ll also get to share your insights, ask questions and interact with other women. Doors close October 13th so don’t wait.



I’m cheering you on in your journey!!!


Reimagine Prayer by praying with purpose using a prayer journal

Quick How-To Video

(It's Free!)

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Reimagine Prayer by praying with purpose using a prayer journal

Quick How-to Video

(It's Free!)

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