Graciela Moore was raised in the Catholic church in her native Puerto Rico but stopped going to church after high school.

In this interview, you will hear how Grace felt God guiding her throughout her life to find the gospel and be baptized in 2020.

Of her journey on the covenant path, Grace shares, “Waiting for things to happen and to come–that’s my story.”

Grace also says her journey wasn’t conventional but she knows everything she experienced had a purpose in God’s mind which she describes as “incredible.”


Overall, Grace’s journey is about waiting with hope in Christ and clinging to covenants.


Journal Questions

Grace shared that a common theme in her journey has been waiting. Is there a part of your life where you feel like you are being asked by God to wait? If so, how can you put your trust in Him and wait with hope? Record your thoughts.

I asked Grace this question: How has the covenant of baptism changed your life? What would your answer to this question be?

In the interview, Grace described hope as the “fuel” and the “propeller” that kept her going throughout her journey. In the April 2021 general conference President M. Russell Ballard said this, “When we have hope in Christ, we come to know that as we need to make and keep sacred covenants, our fondest desires and dreams can be fulfilled through Him.”  What has having hope in Christ looked like for you in your life? How can you use your hope in Christ to fulfill your desires and dreams?

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