SMW 043: How Sharing Your Gifts Will Take Your Journey From Dim To Bright || Jessica Brite Peterson

As a young mom, Jessica Brite Peterson realized the light within her was on dim. In this interview, Jessica shares how she got the light back in her life and how you can do the same thing by figuring out what your gifts are, praying, and then simply starting. Jessica shares her testimony that every person has light to share and you will be full of the Spirit when you share your light.

Journal Questions

Jessica shared this quote from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf: “Our loving Heavenly Father has not given us every answer. He expects us to figure out many things for ourselves. He expects us to believe even when it’s difficult. He expects us to straighten our shoulders and develop a little resolve, a little backbone and take another step forward. That is the way we learn and grow. Would you honestly want everything spelled out in detail? Would you honestly want every question answered, every destination mapped out? I believe most of us would tire very quickly of this sort of heavenly micromanagement. We learn the most important lessons of life through experience.” What are you holding back on in your journey because you’re afraid of making a mistake? How can you trust yourself and your Heavenly Parents and move forward in faith?

What are your spiritual gifts? If you aren’t sure, do what Jessica suggested. Get out a piece of paper and start writing out your gifts. What are the things you do without anyone reminding you? What are you good at? You can also ask the people closest to you what they think your gifts are and add their suggestions to your list. Read D&C 46 and your patriarchal blessing for more inspiration. Keep a running list of your own spiritual gifts.

One of the things Jessica shared that I absolutely loved was this: “Breakdown brings the breakthrough.” Jessica shared that Heavenly Father wants to hear the hard stuff. We don’t have to sugar coat our prayers to Him. We can go to Him with anything. Take some time to think about and maybe even journal the hard stuff in your life that’s breaking you down. Then, go to Heavenly Father in prayer about it. Remember, it’s OK for your prayer to feel messy or like a huge breakdown. After, write about the breakthroughs you feel as you pray, read scripture and ponder on your hard things.

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Reimagine Prayer by praying with purpose using a prayer journal

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(It's Free!)

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