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It has been a privilege for me to be the creator and host of the Spiritually Minded Women podcast for the past 5 years. I am now pursuing a new path and this podcast has ended. The podcast feed will still be available anywhere you listen to podcasts. I hope to pop into my Instagram page @spirituallymindedwomen from time to time but I will not actively be posting or sharing there. THANK YOU to all of my guests and listeners as you have made this journey something I will always treasure. 

I’m cheering you on!




Join a Group Podcast Episode Recording + Replay: How We Hear Him

This episode is an invitation to join a group podcast recording. Then, you’ll hear a replay of an episode that originally aired on May 6, 2020. That episode came as a result of a very strong and distinct impression to gather a group of women together over Zoom to discuss a question President Nelson had posed–How do you hear Him? 

The reason I’m replaying this episode is because I’m getting ready to record a similar group episode and I want you to join me.

Something that’s been on my mind for months is covenants.  I’ve spent a lot of time studying about covenants in the scriptures and in talks. One of the talks I’ve been studying is The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation given by President Russell M. Nelson in the October 2021 general conference. In that talk, President Nelson compared the foundation of the Salt Lake Temple to our spiritual foundation. He said, “Whenever any kind of upheaval occurs in your life, the safest place to be spiritually is living inside your temple covenants.”


What does it mean to live inside your temple covenants? 


I think it will be powerful to come together as a group of Latter-day Saint women to discuss this question and share with each other.


The recording will be on Tuesday, February 15th at 7:00 PM MT on Zoom. Anyone who wants to come is welcome, and you’ll have an opportunity to share what living inside your temple covenants means to you. I will record the discussion and then share it as a podcast episode.


If you would like to be part of the group podcast episode about covenants, go to THIS LINK to register.  There is a limit on how many people I can have on the Zoom call, so don’t wait.

I am so looking forward to recording this episode and sharing it on the podcast. I hope you will come if it works for you. Enjoy the replay of How We Hear Him.

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Register to attend the group podcast episode recording about covenants: Click here to register

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