SMW 014: Embracing Love and Peace in a Journey with a Gay Ex-husband || Jessica Frew

Three days before Jessica Frew married Steve, he confided in her about his pornography addiction. Jessica prayed and fasted and felt peace and guidance that she should marry Steve. Even though she was sure of the answer she had received, Jessica still had trials and challenges. Eventually, Steve confided in her that he was gay and their marriage ended after infidelity.

In this interview, Jessica shares how she trusted in the answers she had already received from God and moved forward boldly with love for God, Steve, their daughter and now in her new marriage with her husband, Matt. Jessica’s journey illustrates so well that although we may not always know how our journey will turn out, we can embrace the answers we receive and feel love and peace.

Journal Questions

Jessica shared how she felt peace about marrying Steve and she clung to that guidance she had felt previously as she dealt with challenges of Steve’s pornography addiction, infidelity and coming out as gay. She said, “That really took me through a lot of our marriage of knowing that I was in the right place. I was doing the right thing, no matter what happened in my marriage, I was put here for a reason.” When have you felt totally certain that God was guiding you? Record the experiences that come to your mind so you’ll have a place to come back to as a reminder of what you already know. Things may not work out exactly how you think they should, but as Jessica shared, you can trust God and rely on the guidance He has given you.


Jessica said when she was in the middle of divorcing Steve she asked herself, “What is my fear right now? What is my fear that I’m feeling? And how can I change the story around it and, and have more faith?” What are you feeling fear about in your life? How can you change your own journey and move from fear to faith?


Jessica’s main message is to be bold about following the promptings you feel. She said one of the thoughts she has had recently is this, “God, isn’t looking for perfect people to do his work because none of us are. He’s looking for people who are willing to take action when he needs it.” What is God asking you to take action on in your life?  How can you be bold and act on what He is prompting you to do?

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Reimagine Prayer by praying with purpose using a prayer journal

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