SMW 025: How Finding Joy for Yourself Will Help You Share Light with Others || Nicole Utley

Nicole Utley is someone who has taken gathering others and self-improvement to a whole new level. She believes gathering is a Christ-like act when you have a purpose and you plan with the needs of those attending the event in mind. She also embraces passion projects, something she does just for pure joy, as a way to improve herself and also focus on others.


In the interview, you’ll hear unique and creative ways Nicole has brought other people together as well as the simple passion projects she has worked on. I promise she will totally inspire you with all the things she has done.


Ultimately, Nicole’s journey is an incredible example of leaning into your gifts and following the Spirit to be a light to those around you.

Journal Questions

Nicole talked about how we spend a lot of our lives gathering but leave so much about gathering up to chance. Think about a gathering you may plan in the future. What is the purpose of the gathering? What are the needs of the people who will attend? How can you use the gathering to meet those needs? How can you focus on those attending instead of worrying how the event will make you look?


What are your unique gifts? List some of the gifts you have been blessed with in your journal. How can your gifts bless someone else? Write out ways you can use the gifts God created you with to help someone else.


Are you waiting for permission to do something for the sole purpose of giving yourself joy? What is something you could make into your very own passion project? Write down one thing you’ve always wanted to do and then act and go do it. Record in your journal how you felt after you did it.

Episode Links

President Hinckley story found in the book Worth the Wrestle chapter 1 by Sheri Dew

Book: The Art of Gathering

Book: The Art of Making Memories

Book: The Power of Moments

Podcast Nicole mentioned: Light the Fight Podcast

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Reimagine Prayer by praying with purpose using a prayer journal

Quick How-to Video

(It's Free!)

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