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It has been a privilege for me to be the creator and host of the Spiritually Minded Women podcast for the past 5 years. I am now pursuing a new path and this podcast has ended. The podcast feed will still be available anywhere you listen to podcasts. I hope to pop into my Instagram page @spirituallymindedwomen from time to time but I will not actively be posting or sharing there. THANK YOU to all of my guests and listeners as you have made this journey something I will always treasure. 

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SMW 026: Why Your Unique Gifts Matter in the Work of Building God’s Kingdom || Sally Dupaix

Have you ever thought that you don’t have any talents or wondered how your quirky gifts could possibly help someone else? If so, you’ll totally relate to my guest, Sally Dupaix.


Sally grew up cooking and baking with her mom and developed a love for food. She also learned how to make friends easily with frequent moves in her childhood.


But Sally never thought of these two things she loved and was good at–food and friendship–as something she could use to build God’s kingdom until a few years ago.


Listen to Sally’s interview to hear how she learned food and friendship were gifts that she could use as a part of her own spiritual journey.


Sally also shares her testimony that everyone has gifts that matter and are important in God’s work. She believes when we all use our gifts, it’s like a “patchwork quilt that covers the whole earth, as we each just bring our square. And when all of our work is combined, it’s enough.”

Journal Questions

Sally shared how a friend helped her to see that food and friendship were her gifts by asking her questions. If you aren’t sure what your gifts are, think about and write your answers to these questions. What has been a theme for my whole life? What have I been taught through my experiences? What has God been teaching me throughout my life?


Another way to use your gifts to help build the kingdom is to go to the source, the person who gave you those gifts in the first place. Take some time to ponder or meditate and ask God how you can use your gifts to be a part of His work.


Sally shared the thought that we are not meant to be unseen. What you have to offer matters. Think of one way you can use your gifts and talents to bless someone else. Write that idea down and then go and do it. After, write your thoughts about how sharing your gift made you feel.

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