Listen to Laura Cragun, a wife and mom of 3 young kids share about her personal challenges with mental health including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicidal ideation. Laura discusses how she has sought help through therapy and medication as well as through daily spiritual practices that help her feel connected to God. Laura also talks about how each of us has a hole in our heart and gives her witness of how Christ has been the missing piece to fill the hole in her own heart. 

Journal Questions

Laura described beautiful imagery of how God made each of us with a hole in our heart. She shared how she realized that Christ was the One who could fill the hole in her heart. What part of your life feels like a hole or something is missing? How can you invite the Savior in to be the missing piece to fill your hole?


What are the daily practices you have in your life that help you feel connected to your Heavenly Parents and Jesus? Laura calls the time she spends in the morning in meditation, pondering, prayer and journaling her “holy time.” How can you create your own holy time and space for the divine each day?


Laura expressed that she knows the Savior understands what she is going through. Jesus knows you and He knows how you feel, no matter what struggles you face. I was recently visiting my daughter’s ward and her bishop said something I had to write down. He said, “He knows what it feels like for you to be you.”  Ponder on this truth. Jesus knows what it feels like for you to be you. Record the thoughts that come to your mind.

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