SMW 035: Why Latter-day Saint Women are Uniquely Qualified to Run for Political Office || Audrey Perry Martin

After years as an election lawyer, Audrey Perry Martin has definitely seen the negative sides of politics. But despite her own cynicism from the things she has seen in her career, Audrey is sharing in this interview why she is encouraging Latter-day Saint women to jump into the political scene and run for office. She discusses why she created Project Elect, a non-partisan organization to educate, encourage and support Latter-day Saint women to get involved in public service. Audrey also shares how women members of the church are uniquely qualified to bring a different perspective to politics by using Christ-like leadership and love.

Journal Questions

Think about the leadership skills you have gained through church or community service. How can you use these skills to bless your community? Write down your thoughts of ways you could serve in your neighborhood, school or community.


Audrey shared how following the prompting to start Project Elect wasn’t easy, but a support system of other women helped her to move forward through the obstacles. How can you support the women around you who are trying to follow promptings? Pray for guidance to know who around you needs support. Write the promptings you receive.


And this isn’t really a journal question but you know I don’t want you to just listen; I want you to act on what you hear on the podcast. So, are you feeling the nudge to be more involved in local government?  Act by going to the Project Elect website at projectelectwomen.org and learn how you can get involved.

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Reimagine Prayer by praying with purpose using a prayer journal

Quick How-to Video

(It's Free!)

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