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It has been a privilege for me to be the creator and host of the Spiritually Minded Women podcast for the past 5 years. I am now pursuing a new path and this podcast has ended. The podcast feed will still be available anywhere you listen to podcasts. I hope to pop into my Instagram page @spirituallymindedwomen from time to time but I will not actively be posting or sharing there. THANK YOU to all of my guests and listeners as you have made this journey something I will always treasure. 

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SMW 040: Why Better Relationships Start with Being Closer to Jesus Christ || Crystal Haitsma

Crystal Haitsma struggled as a young mom to be the parent she wanted to be. In this interview, Crystal shares how she turned to God for help and realized that deepening her relationship with Jesus Christ was the way to help bridge the gap in her relationships with her children. Crystal discusses many truths that apply to all relationships to help you love yourself and those around you.

Journal Questions

How do you think about yourself? One of the things Crystal said she does with her clients who are struggling in a situation is to ask themselves this question: How would the Savior feel about me in this situation? Think about a situation in your own life that you have negative thoughts about. Ask yourself the question: How would the Savior feel about me in this situation? Journal what you feel His response would be.

Crystal shared how weekly temple attendance and daily scripture study helped her to build a stronger relationship with the Savior. Pray to know what you can do in your life to be closer with Jesus. Record the impressions you receive and then act on them.

Do you have a morning routine that connects you to your Heavenly Parents throughout the day? Crystal talked about how waking up in the morning to study, journal and meditate has helped her to feel God’s love throughout her day and build the muscle of personal revelation. What practices are you already doing in your life that help you to feel Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother’s love? What practices do you feel prompted to add? Pray and ponder and then write out the things you feel prompted to do everyday to be close to them.

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