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It has been a privilege for me to be the creator and host of the Spiritually Minded Women podcast for the past 5 years. I am now pursuing a new path and this podcast has ended. The podcast feed will still be available anywhere you listen to podcasts. I hope to pop into my Instagram page @spirituallymindedwomen from time to time but I will not actively be posting or sharing there. THANK YOU to all of my guests and listeners as you have made this journey something I will always treasure. 

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SMW 041: Why Learning of and Connecting to Heavenly Mother is Essential to Your Journey || McArthur Krishna

In this interview McArthur Krishna shares about her experience following personal revelation to marry her husband, who is not a member of the church, and what she learned about growth on the covenant path. McArthur also discusses why Heavenly Mother is essential in our journey and is a gospel doctrine for both men and women. If you’ve ever thought you weren’t allowed to talk about Heavenly Mother or connect with her, you will be happy to hear McArthur share that no prophet or apostle has said we shouldn’t mention Her.  McArthur declares in a faith-filled way, backed by words of church leaders, why talking of and connecting with our Heavenly Mother is our sacred obligation and divine destiny.

Journal Questions

McArthur shared her thoughts about Christ and the woman at well. She discussed how this story tells us who is of “worth” in Jesus’ eyes. The woman at the well was a poor, foreign woman and He asked her to be his mouthpiece. How does this insight impact the way you see  and treat others?

President Hinckley has cautioned that we don’t pray to Heavenly Mother, but McArthur pointed out that we don’t pray to Jesus either, but we know we can have a relationship with Him. The same is true for Heavenly Mother. We don’t pray to her, but we can still connect with her. Think about the things you do to feel close to the Savior. How could those things also connect you to Heavenly Mother?  Write down your thoughts about how you can build or grow your relationship with Her.

How has your life been blessed by your knowledge of and connection to Heavenly Mother? Who in your life could benefit from your talking to them about Heavenly Mother? Write down the names of people you feel impressed to share the doctrine of Heavenly Mother with. Write how you will share to bless their lives and act on it.

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