In 2020, Katie Mitchell found herself dealing with personal trials in addition to the pandemic. She knew she needed hope and something to lift her spirits and felt a prompting to start sharing poetry with friends and family on Instagram. In the interview, Katie talks about how sharing her gifts through poetry and seeking to help others opened her own heart to Jesus Christ’s healing love.

Journal Questions

In Alma 36:20, the prophet Alma shares these words about the result of his repentance: “My soul was filled with joy as exceeding as was my pain!”  Katie shared that during a dark time she read Alma’s words and knew she needed her joy to be as great as her sorrow, so she prayed for that blessing. Do you need to feel the joy Alma experienced? Take some time to be still and then pray to know how you can have joy that matches your pain.

Katie shared that your efforts to figure out how you hear Jesus are enough, even if they don’t look like someone else’s.  How can you set your intention to learn more fully learn how you uniquely hear Him?

What experiences have you had where the Savior helped you do things you never could have done on your own? Reflect on what you learned during those times and record the feelings so you can recall them when you need them in the future.

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