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It has been a privilege for me to be the creator and host of the Spiritually Minded Women podcast for the past 5 years. I am now pursuing a new path and this podcast has ended. The podcast feed will still be available anywhere you listen to podcasts. I hope to pop into my Instagram page @spirituallymindedwomen from time to time but I will not actively be posting or sharing there. THANK YOU to all of my guests and listeners as you have made this journey something I will always treasure. 

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SMW 018: How Christ is Ahead of You, Beside You or Behind You in Your Journey || Karen Krammer

 Karen Krammer is someone who has experienced great trials and tragedy in her life including what she calls “the four Ds”–disease, death, divorce, debt. 

In this interview, Karen shares how her 25 year marriage ended in divorce after her husband sexually abused their daughters. In the process, two of her sons tragically passed away. Karen was bankrupt and left to pick up the pieces.

Karen discusses how she learned to forgive and look past the chains others have placed on themselves through sin in this earth life by seeking to see them as God sees them.

Through all of Karen’s trials, she has seen the Savior walking with her and bares a beautiful testimony of His unconditional love no matter what we experience in our journey.

Journal Questions

When I asked Karen the question I ask every guest at the end, “How have you seen and felt the Savior in your journey on the covenant path?” she replied by saying, “He’s ahead of me forging the path. He’s beside me holding my hand. He’s behind me catching me when I fall. Whenever I need Him, He’s either ahead of me, beside me or behind me.” Think about Karen’s words describing her experience. How has the Savior been there for you?

Think about and journal your responses to these questions:

When has Jesus been ahead of you, forging the path?

When has Jesus been beside you, holding your hand?

When has Jesus been behind you, catching your fall?

Episode Links

Find out more about Karen’s Facebook group for women who have experienced the loss of a loved one – Resilient Warriors

Follow Karen on Facebook – Karen Payne Krammer

Book Karen mentioned – Codependent No More

Talk Karen mentioned – Family Crucibles: Finding Peace in Trying Times by Jeffrey R. Hill

Book Karen mentioned – The Infinite Atonement by Tad R. Callister

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