SMW 019: When Your Covenant Journey Helps You Know the Path You Don’t Want || Denita Bremer

As a child, Denita Bremer attended The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with her grandparents. She had undeniable experiences where she learned that God wanted to communicate with her. But Denita’s home life with her parents was anything but picture perfect with drug and alcohol abuse and poverty.

As a teenager, Denita stepped a way from the church. In the interview she shares how this part of her journey and other experiences have shown her what she didn’t want and helped her wholeheartedly embrace her unique journey and her relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

Denita’s journey gives hope that no matter what your choices have been, the Savior can meet you wherever you are and can help you get back on the path.

Journal Questions

Denita talked about an experience she had at 7 years old helping her Grandma find something by praying. She said this was an undeniable experience for her that God communicated with her. What experiences have you had that helped you to know God was there and aware of you? Write down the thoughts and memories that come to your mind.


You may not know what your journey will look like going forward, but you can embrace where you’ve been and where you are at now. Think about your own past and present experiences in your journey on the covenant path. How have those experiences, good or bad, shaped you? How can you embrace what you’ve already experienced on the path? How can you look forward with faith to your future journey?

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Reimagine Prayer by praying with purpose using a prayer journal

Quick How-to Video

(It's Free!)

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